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Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals…

Ok, so I should be doing work right now, but I figured I wanted to get on this “blog” bandwagon – not only does it save me the hassle of creating a portfolio site to fill the empty void of nothingness that was here previously, but it lets me record the progress I make on the various projects that I’m working on, either personally, as part of the Hidden development team or with Calibre Studios.

As it stands, my main focus right now is the Beta 2 release of the Hidden, which is rapidly coming to a close, with the majority of issues just being visual or non “game breakers”. However, it also means the most interesting work is done, with the final bits and pieces being more chorelike than they really need to be! (This is, sadly, a feeling that is shared across the coding team)

But then I know that the quantum leap we’ve made between 1A and 2 in terms of features and content is just amazing, the art team have pulled some stunning work out of the bag – as, if I do say so myself, has the coding team. I want to get it out and sorted so the players can appreciate the work we’ve put in.

While the art team have finished up on B2, they’ve not stopped working, instead shifting across to doing work as part of Calibre Studios, producing artwork for a content pack that we plan to try and sell through Garage Games. It’s a number of urban style meshes, with multiple LODs and skins. Ideal for coders with little to no artistic talent who want artwork that they can just drop into a Torque mission, perfect for prototyping a new game idea!

There’s also initial design work going on for Revolutions, our planned puzzle game using TGE. It’s still in the concept stages right now, with not a line of code or a piece of finalised artwork, but it should be a fun little game with an intriguing concept – but more on that at a later date!