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So, Dystopia is out, I’ve played it enough to form some opinions… Which I shall now spurge out into the void! Ignoring the obscene amounts of hype it’s generated is tough, it’s been mentioned everywhere that HL2 has been, appearing multiple times on the Steam updates amongst others.

Dystopia - Cyberspace

It’s ok, not great, but ok – the gameplay is solid, if somewhat unoriginal. The Cyberspace sections are different, but not as amazing as have been made out – it might just be the single level released in the demo but it seemed limited, with only a few “Jackpoints” spread out across the level…

Graphically, the mod does stand out, the player models are high quality and the shader effects are very tasty. However, the level design leaves something to be desired – it might well be that it’s a choice by the dev team to make the levels relatively simple and clear of “clutter” but it does make them look more like a level you’d find in something like Quake 2.

Dystopia - Vaccine

As it stands, playing on public server tends to degenerate the gameplay experience into a muddied Team Deathmatch, rather than a tactical / strategic style that it probably should be / is on private servers. As far as I’m concerned, that may drive away players, especially in these early days with only one map to play. CSS gets away with it because you don’t *have* to play tactically with your team mates to win, whereas the level of coordination required by the attacking team in Dystopia is just beyond the grasp of the majority of public servers and their players.

All in all, it shows promise – I look forward to seeing where they’re going to take it and how it will improve with future “demo” releases, I can but hope that it *does* improve! Otherwise I fear their aspirations of a retail release will be for nought.


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