#3 – #8 | Dragons, Magicians and Romans, oh my!

#3 Eragon – Christopher Paolini

It’s interesting, a lot of people hammer the “Inheritance” trilogy (well, the two books so far) for being utterly derivative and to some degree plagiarisms of existing tales (LOTR and Star Wars in the main). But on the whole, it’s an enjoyable story if you don’t over analyse it. I certainly didn’t really notice the Star Wars / Lord of the Rings comparisons until I was told about them. But it’s certainly one for the younger readers in all.
497 pages
New Read

#4 Eldest – Christopher Paolini

Not much different from Eragon, it continues the story and introduces some nice (if obvious) twists. Thinking about it further – it’s pretty obvious that the author may have wanted to wait before he actually had this published and looked at the entire series with a somewhat older eye (the guy is younger than me after all!)

704 pages
New Read

#5 The Magicians Guild – Trudi Canavan

The first in an excellent trilogy from Trudi Canavan, featuring an interesting take on the world of magic (though perhaps a bit generic, why must they wear robes?!?) with a good flow and story that keeps you intrigued throughout (and forces you to read the rest of the trilogy to discover the fate of the characters).

480 pages
New Read

#6 The Novice – Trudi Canavan

The continuation of the story begun in “The Magicians Guild”, picking up the story after a break of only a few months in “story” time. The story continues to be riveting, with an excellent flow and good character development.
492 pages
New Read

#7 The High Lord – Trudi Canavan

The final part in the trilogy and a worthwhile ending to this part of the story (though a further trilogy, following the characters after these events is in the works!) I was disappointed that I couldn’t carry on straight through with the new books, as I certainly enjoyed the world and the characters throughout the series and look forward to seeing how they develop further.
656 pages
New Read

#8 The Gates of Rome – Conn Iggulden

Following the story of a young Julius Caesar as he is introduced to life in Rome and it’s many risks. It’s interesting to note that you never find out who of the two young men discussed in the book is Caesar until the last few chapters. The entire story is incredible and not only because it is based in truth (the author includes some notes that explain the differences at the end of the novel) but also due to the beautiful characterisation and description. I’ll end this one by pointing out that I read it in a day, I quite literally couldn’t put it down!
640 pages
New Read

So, eight books so far – all new reads and I’ve got four more new ones in a stack to get through before I have to either look at getting more or re-reading some old ones. Interestingly, the 8 I’ve read so far combine to 4442 pages, so an average of about 555 pages a book. Not bad progress in 5 weeks!


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