#10 – #13

#10 Gates of Fire – Steven Pressfield
A beautifully crafted tale of the battle of Thermopylae (yes, the same one that features in the recent epic film 300). Told from the point of view of a spartan servant captured after the battle, it covers a great deal of ground over several years before the battle took place. The characterisation is excellent – you certainly feel the pain when the final defenders make their last stand after seven days of hard fighting.

523 pages
New Read

#11 The Field of Swords – Conn Iggulden
Yet another entry in the “Emperor” series, covering the sky rocketing rise of Julius Caesar as a Roman General. The main topic in this one is his invasion of Gaul and the various political issues that arise from his domination of Roman political discussion. Yet another awesome read – I just need to finish off my stack of extra books so I can get on and read the final book in the series!

656 pages
New Read

#12 The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

A slight deviation from the historical novels of late – but I’m always interested by what Dawkins has to say (I tend to share many of the same views as he does). The God Delusion doesn’t fail to deliver, with striking arguments against the very existence of a god and against creationism / intelligent design specifically it’s an excellent read for people on either side of the religious battle lines.

416 pages
New Read

#13 Alexander (The Virtues of War) – Steven Pressfield
Following in a similar vein to the Emperor series, this singular novel covers the meteroic rise to power of Alexander the Great, covering his invasion of the East from Macedonia and the many trials it brought before him as he battled with his beliefs and the safety and happiness of his men. Alexander may have only lived to 32, but he did more than nearly anyone else has ever done in his lifetime, then or now.

490 pages
New Read

So, that’s a total of 7215 pages – I’m currently about half way through the centenary collection of Robert E. Howards conan stories, which is why I’ve slowed down slightly (it’s close to 900 pages of giant hardback bookness – it’s a nightmare to read on the loo or in bed!) and after that I’ve still got a stack of five books left to get through before I have to find new ones or re-read old ones.


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