You spin me right round, baby

While the coding team work on fixing up the last few niggles in Beta 2 of the Hidden, the art team have moved on and are producing work for our first actual real game title. There’s not a lot of organisation as far as I can tell, with different people just grabbing objects or themes and running with them…

Then again, the art team is a beast unto itself and regularly has discussions without bringing the coders in – leading to many a smashed dream when the coders do finally find out what they’ve been thinking of! So it’s quite possible that there is some sense in their madness!

So far I’ve seen a pissed off stompy robot, a flying wasp-ish robot and some persian architecture style pillar things… I might one day get them to write down what they’re doing, I’m a firm believer in lists and order when it comes down to doing work!

In my brief moments of down time I’ve been looking over torque and having a play around with the built in scripting language… I’m avoiding doing any actual coding until I’m well away from the Source SDK – I just fear I’ll get terribly confused! I even got to put together an awesome bit of coder art for the main menu background, it’s a lovely 10 minute job in photoshop!

Who said coders couldn’t make sexeh art? :D The basic plan is that I’m hoping it’ll piss off the artists enough that they’ll make a prettier one fairly quickly, mainly because staring at the synapse lighting pack background was doing my nut in!

Think that’s more than enough from me, must be time to get me some food or something…


#1 James Porter on 09.29.05 at 1:41 pm

Hi Chris.

You might want to check out basecamp, same ppl that did the tada list etc.

we use it at work and its very good for organising projects and todo lists. It even lets you assign ppl to each lit item.

You can also create milestones and put dates on them. Giving you a calender display to give all members a good idea on timescales. If dates are missed on major milestones it can have a new date set that pushes back all the other milestones.

Anyway, take alook if u like. I tihnk its free for single projects.


#2 Benji on 10.11.05 at 9:23 pm

They also don’t bring the full art team in! :P I’m not snyc’d into their hive mind :D When they all think to go to the loo together we’ll have to be REALLY worried :D

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