A little slice of heaven.

So, my slice finally flowed through the system – I signed up for a 256 slice, which is the low end of what Slicehost offer, but I’m only really using it for playing around with stuff that my “standard” host doesn’t support very well (ruby and other such fancy things in the main). As time goes on, I may make the transfer more complete – as it is, I’ve started a second blog that’s going to be more “technical” than this one. It just allows me to separate the “work” from the “personal” slightly – so no book lists or gamer tag widgets over there.

In book news, I finished off the Awakened Mage – which I enjoyed deeply as a follow up to the Innocent Mage (though I was hoping it might stretch out into a trilogy, but beggars can’t be choosers!) I’ve started reading “The Last Legion” – which recently got released as a film, it’s been enjoyable, but as ever I’m struggling slightly with the writing style of Valerio Massimo Manfedi (try saying that give times quickly!) – I’m not sure if that’s due to translation from the authors language into english or just his style, but it just jilts me at times.

I’m quite looking forward to the next book in my pile – Peace and War by Joe Haldeman, it’s got a pleasant weight to it (and in theory, I could count it as three books as it’s an omnibus) and it’s scifi, which I haven’t really read in a while (not since Enders Game really).

I signed up for NaNoWriMo, but I’ve actually failed to write anything at all so far – which is well, unsurprising (to me at least). Though I may get off my arse and get something down in the next 12 days of the “competition”, though it’ll be nowhere near the 50,000 word limit! I’ve got an idea in the back of my head that I’ve been nurturing for a while and if I were more organised, I’d be on that like a shot… But I’m not, so I haven’t.

My lack of organisation has led me to think about writing a program that will help me with that – something that lists the next five days, divides them into time slots (either hourly or whatever) and allows me to assign “tasks” to them. Set it up so I can have tasks that repeat each week (so I’ll always have hours blocked off for work at uni etc) to save me the hassle of doing the same bits over and over again (hell, a lot of it would be repeated – I find it’s nice to have some form of regimen). But, I just need to get around to actually making the bloody thing!

Final thing – I splashed out and got myself shiny new computer bits, so I’m now “rolling” with an Intel Quad Core 6600 (so 2.4 Ghz per core), 2 gig of RAM (I’ll get another 2 when I finally upgrade to Vista) and an 8800GT (I was lucky enough to get one of the first batches that hit uk retailers – a couple of my housemates are still waiting for new stock to come through!) There were some teething issues, I initially didn’t have the CPU heatsink attached completely (it didn’t click as many times as it should have – damned new fangle designs!) so the machine would power down after 30 seconds or so of use (yes, even in the BIOS). Then I found out that it didn’t like my primary IDE hard drive as a target for installation of XP (the XP setup couldn’t finalise formatting any of the partition layouts) – so I went ahead and purchased a 250 GB SATA drive – I’m 100% SATA now, even down to the DVD writer. The final issue was that by default, the fan on the graphics card was set to run at 29%, no matter what – this led to a full system lock under heavy load (the Crysis demo), some fiddling and a custom fan profile has fixed that and it doesn’t sound like a jet engine during take off either!


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