Meaningful employment!


It took a bit of time, but I got there in the end! I’m back as one of the employed masses! I started at the University Campus Suffolk on the 7th of September as the Technician for the Computer Games Design course – which means I’m doing what I was doing at Lincoln but full time and with control of the labs and machines.

As such, life is currently pretty hectic – we’ve got building work going on where our labs should actaully be, so I’ve had to setup a temporary┬álab in another block so the students have somewhere to be taught, though it doesn’t have net access and it’s all very, very rough -we have 2 switches, well, 1 switch and a hub that are sat at opposite ends of the room with cables sprouting from them to provide us with a network while our projector sits on storage crates and projects onto a wall that contains a clock, coat hooks and the tops of a pair of taps.

Thankfully though, the end of the temporary setup is in sight (fingers and toes crossed) with our new labs hopefully being ready for us to get our gear into towards the end of next week, with students getting into them around the 12th.

Life is certainly interesting!


#1 DarkHand on 10.06.09 at 9:57 pm


#2 Joe on 11.24.09 at 9:47 pm

Nice one man =D

The recession is making it difficult for most of us who are sandwiching or recently graduated, just gotta keep spamming the intern positions!

#3 Daedalus on 02.05.10 at 12:29 am

Ging update B4 you are making me a very sad man

#4 Joe on 03.30.11 at 2:46 pm

Hi there,

I work for an indie studio in Brighton, and as a long time Hidden-Source fan wondered if you’d be interested in flinging your CV over? I can’t make any promises, and we aren’t recruiting right now, but we may well be sometime soon. Chuck me an email if you’re interested =)


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