I ain’t afraid of no quake!

I could say that the days of brown and orange have gone, but I’d be lying – the colour scheme of Quake 4 is exactly the same as Quake 2, which I suppose shows that it hasn’t forgotten it’s heritage. It’s introduced normal mapping, dynamic lights + shadows, but it’s still got brown and orange!

It’s a pleasant change from some of the more thinky games that have been hitting the shelves in recent times, the likes of Swat 4 and Splinter Cell are firmly given the finger by Quake 4 – thank god! While I appreciate a realistic game where a single mistake costs the mission, it’s sometimes fun to just charge through an enemy compound unleashing hell with a variety of larger than life weaponry!

It does at first seem like Doom 3 remade, again, but you’ve got torches on a couple of your weapons and there aren’t any enemies that have jammed themselves into cupboards with the fine intention of leaping out behind you! Instead they charge through doors, take cover and spray fire at you. The experience is quite, quite different from Doom 3, which is ultimately a good thing – especially as I wasn’t a major fan of the “dark and creepy” in D3.

The entire thing reeks of classic Quake 2, which is awesome, all the old favourite weapons make a come back in some guise or another (even the BFG, though it’s not called that anymore). I haven’t yet given the multiplayer a try – I’ve just been enjoying the single player so far, so I’ll probably come back and comment on that once I’ve given it a go.

It’s hard to tell if the game would have been picked up by a publisher had it not got the Quake franchise behind it – it would certainly have been a massive risk, but then Croteam got Serious Sam and sequel out and that’s got even less of a storyline than Q4 has! Don’t get me wrong, there is a storyline but it’s not as involving as that found in F.E.A.R or CoD2.

If you’ve played Quake 2, than it’s well worth picking up Quake 4, if only for old times sake. If you haven’t played Quake 2, than it’s still worth picking it up, just to take a break from the realism heady games of today. There’s no slow mo, no tactical movement, just big guns, big enemies and huge firefights… All a gamer could need!


#1 DanRoss on 11.11.05 at 4:21 pm

This is EXACTLY what we all needed – a mindless gun and gore fest.

It’s like Quake2, with knobs on, which lets face it can’t be a bad thing!

#2 Boxy on 12.10.05 at 9:53 pm

It was enjoyable, if perhaps a little mindless and repetitve. Since when did dudes have triangles for heads?? Normal mapping seems to be a mild excuse for EXCEEDINGLY low poly counts on models these days…Quake4, FEAR, Doom3, who’s next?

#3 Ging on 12.12.05 at 9:14 pm

The low poly counts is actually due to the real time lighting – it has to do edge detection (which is expensive) to form the shadows, less polies = cheaper shadows… (It’s why you only find it in engines that are using real time lighting systems)

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