I’ve been without meaningful (well, any) employment since January of this year – becoming unemployed wasn’t entirely my own choice, but nor was I fired or made redundant. Instead I wasn’t earning enough to pay rent on a place for myself and my house mates were moving on, rather than become homeless I had to leave both my jobs and return to living with my mum temporarily.

Since then, I’ve applied for dozens of jobs with varying degrees of feedback – from none at all, to “thanks but you’re not right” through to “this other guy came along with experience in just the right areas, but you were great!”. I can’t say that I’m not bitter about the job hunt experience so far, I’m hopeful that my next interview will be the one that does it, it’s at the University Campus Suffolk for the position of Lecturer in Computer Games Design. So it’s building on the experience I’ve gained from my time at the University of Lincoln and is in an area that really quite interests me, bonus!

I’ve not been entirely lax with my downtime mind you, I’ve written a fair dose of code, though I will be the first to admit that not of all it is useful it’s all been pretty interesting and educational (no point writing boring code when it’s just for me is there?!).

The downtime has also allowed me to sit down and sort out the hidden codebase considerably, it’s in a much neater state now than it was a while ago and I’m still hopeful for an eventual release!