That’s a very fine Chardonnay you’re not drinking!

Ways to make money -

  1. Sell your soul
  2. Create, Market and Sell a successful product
  3. Sell your body
  4. Get a job
  5. Sell someone elses body
  6. Sell firearms
  7. See Two
  8. Start a game development studio
  9. Sell drugs
  10. Win the lottery

Of those 10, I need to do at least one in the coming months – basically, I need a job… Something that will let me do 15 – 20 hours a week at above minimum wage, enough to cover rent and hopefully monthly costs… Possibly even let me buy some food.

Of course, I’d prefer 10, that’d just be easy… But it requires investment of the aforementioned cash, which I lack and as such cannot afford to invest in something with such astronomical odds of not winning! (A vicious cycle)

Apart from that, the replacement 360 from the nice Amazonians seems to be working a charm – at least I’ve not had any horrendous shearing polygons in PGR3 yet, hurray for decent returns policies! The new unit I’ve started seems to be an interesting one and far less taxing on the brain than AI!

In the odd spare hour or two I’ve been writing a bit of Hidden based fiction (does it count as fan fiction when it’s the project lead writing it?) which I may eventually get around to finishing and posting here – though it’s getting to be a bit epic considering it’s only meant to be a short story!

Thinking of posting on here, I’ll be sorting out that reviews section soon, filling it out with some bits and pieces – I need to talk about the 360, DoA4, PGR3, Black, Oblivion… I’ll also throw in some films that I’ve enjoyed recently too, speaking of which, I recently organised my dvd collection into alphabetical order and I’ve laid down the challenge to myself to try and watch one a night until I’ve gotten through them all.

It’s proving tougher than I thought, not due to a lack of time, but due to the fact that I keep finding stuff I want to watch on normal TV, tonights viewing was stopped by “In Hell” with the Muscles from Brussels (Van Damme) – who can resist the temptation of an unseen Van Damme film? Not I!

Right, if anyone figures out how I can make lots of money, well, not lots, but enough, without doing any real work, let me know… Most suggestions will be seriously considered!