Just a quick one

I’ve found myself watching NFL on Five at silly o’clock in the morning quite a lot recently (well, sunday / monday nights anyhow). It’s interesting to watch purely to see how to drag out a 60 minute game into like, 4 hours of "stuff". I do sometimes watch the entire game, but I often force myself to bed before the game ends – a couple of weeks ago, a 15 minute quarter took 45 minutes to complete!

At least I understand what stops the clock (well, I think I do) most of the time and I’m getting the hang of the rules. I think I still prefer Rugby union as a sport – but I will admit that American football has a fair bit more "flash" going for it. Though Five don’t show things like the half time show, so I think I’m missing out on some of the experience…

I don’t follow any particular team – I lean towards the Colts when they play, but only because they have a player called "Session", which just sort of amuses me.

What is cool is to see the BUAFL results get mentioned by the Five presenters every so often. Though it’s a shame to see the Lincoln Colonials losing 2 out of 3 games so far this season (admittedly, it’s only their second season as part of the BUAFL – so some leeway is given). One thing I have noticed about the Lincoln teams (both the Colonials and the Bombers) is that they have rubbish, rubbish site designs – all badly sized images, oddly sized iframes and broken links – it’s nasty.

Hmm, it seems I’ve managed to stay up far later than intended, must be sleep time.