Internet Crazies

This is perhaps the first time where I’ve had someone send me messages over Xbox Live that are aimed solely at complaining. I apparently killed this guy while playing the Battlefield: Bad Company beta and he seems to have taken offense at how he died.

Now, I can’t remember the action in question – I don’t even remember him as an opponent, but he took the time out to send me a voice message telling me that he disliked dying to me.

His first message is here.

I replied with "I agree with your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter".

He sent me this.

I’ve replied with "I find that I can no longer support your position, as such I shall be going elsewhere for my hanging requirements."

No reply yet, we shall see if he continues his bizarre tirade.

I must say Ms Piper, that is an outrageous corset!

So, just caught some “Secret diary of a call girl” on ITV3 while at my dads – I wholeheartedly approve, Billie Piper is one of my preferred bits of “eye candy” (purely because she likes red heads and guys with beer bellies, not that I have a beer belly or anything…) so a show where she spends a lot of time in lingerie / revealing clothing is a winner – boobs are an added bonus!

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the vaseline on the lens softness they’ve got going on, but the writing isn’t terrible and the acting is reasonable so there’s not too much to complain about. Ok, so I’ve only watched an episode and a half, which means my judgement as to the quality is slightly skewed, but sod it!

In other news, christmas has come and gone, I ate way too much food and all the rest of it, as you do. I also found out that my dad and stepmum have purchased themselves two of my favourite board games, Carcassone and Settlers of Catan. They got introduced to Caracassone by some visitors who brought it with them and they enjoyed it so much that when they were in London and found a games shop of the right sort they asked after it.

Turns out they bought all the expansions they could and asked the shopkeeper for a recommendation as to anything similar – he gave them Settlers of Catan (amusingly, I instantly guessed it was catan when it came up in conversation and I found out the first game was Carcassone). Since Settlers is a four player game, they’ve not had a chance to play it – so with my sister and I here visiting them and me having played it for hours upon hours with my house mates, it seemed the ideal time to get on with it and get cracking.

It took a game to get into the swing of things and to convey the majority of the games and some of the subtleties, but everyone got the hang of it nice and quickly. Admittedly, I won the first two games, but the second was terrifyingly close. I got completely locked out in the third game, reduced to scrounging through development cards to get to five VPs (I only managed three settlements – every other route got shut down before I could get roads going). I may never forgive my sister for starting the lock out process!

I think I may try to get them to move away from the default board layout next time, it’s quite obvious that my dad is going to start being an issue with knowing the good places to be if we don’t mix it up a bit!

Just a quick one

I’ve found myself watching NFL on Five at silly o’clock in the morning quite a lot recently (well, sunday / monday nights anyhow). It’s interesting to watch purely to see how to drag out a 60 minute game into like, 4 hours of "stuff". I do sometimes watch the entire game, but I often force myself to bed before the game ends – a couple of weeks ago, a 15 minute quarter took 45 minutes to complete!

At least I understand what stops the clock (well, I think I do) most of the time and I’m getting the hang of the rules. I think I still prefer Rugby union as a sport – but I will admit that American football has a fair bit more "flash" going for it. Though Five don’t show things like the half time show, so I think I’m missing out on some of the experience…

I don’t follow any particular team – I lean towards the Colts when they play, but only because they have a player called "Session", which just sort of amuses me.

What is cool is to see the BUAFL results get mentioned by the Five presenters every so often. Though it’s a shame to see the Lincoln Colonials losing 2 out of 3 games so far this season (admittedly, it’s only their second season as part of the BUAFL – so some leeway is given). One thing I have noticed about the Lincoln teams (both the Colonials and the Bombers) is that they have rubbish, rubbish site designs – all badly sized images, oddly sized iframes and broken links – it’s nasty.

Hmm, it seems I’ve managed to stay up far later than intended, must be sleep time.