Creasey’s art is death. He’s about to paint his masterpiece.

Give away quote, but I like it too much not to use it… So there!

I’m now a year older, having celebrated the day of my birth last week – I’m not entirely sure what that actually means, other than the fact that I woke up with very, very creaky knees!

A progress report; I’ve decided that renderware is fucking annoying, the models I’ve exported are just screwed up, their axes point all over the shop so any movement I try and do with them goes completely wrong… What’s worse, any rotation I perform around a single axis causes rotation in at least one other axis as well… GAH!

What does this mean? Well, I’m having to use a provided .dff file of a dull, grey cube rather than one of the fancy ships that the art team has provided me with. Frustration! Of course, even with the non-fancy cube things aren’t going as planned, my movement code is seemingly fucked up, I can rotate, but I can’t go in the direction I want to… gah, it’s all a bit fucking annoying!

In other news, Revolution is barely even spinning fast enough to keep a top from toppling – though I am making slow, but generally steady progress towards emptying the little list of things I need to do over xmas.

We won’t even discuss GingTorrent – I need to find time to actually get it off the ground properly, let alone anywhere near finished!